Superfast models - castings

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MB 51 (B) Citroen S.M. MB 74 (C) Cougar Villager
Citroen S.M. Cougar Villager
MB 39 (A) Clipper MB (IX) Flamin Manta
Clipper Flamin Manta
MB 05 (A) Lotus Europa MB 33 (A) Lamborghini Miura
Lotus Europa Lamborghini Miura
MB 40 (A) Vauxhall Guildsman MB 46 (A) Mercedes 300SE
Vauxhall Guildsman Mercedes 300SE
MB 66 (B) Mazda RX500 MB 25 (A) Ford Cortina
Mazda RX500 Ford Cortina
MB 24 (A) Rolls Royce Silver Shadow MB 45 (B) BMW 3.0 CSL
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow BMW 3.0 CSL
MB 22 (C) Blaze Buster MB 75 (C) Seasprite
Blaze Buster Seasprite
MB 28 (C) Lincoln Continental MX V MB 59 (C) Planet Scout
Lincoln Continental MX V Planet Scout
MB 51 (D) Midnight Magic MB 67 (C) Datsun 260 Z 2+2
Midnight Magic Datsun 260 Z 2+2
MB 09 (D) Fiat Abarth MB 41 (A) Ford G.T.
Fiat Abarth Ford G.T.
MB 55 (D) Ford Cortina MB 37 (E) Matra Rancho
Ford Cortina Matra Rancho (vs.1)
MB 31 (E) Mazda RX7 MB 49 (D) Sand Digger
Mazda RX7 (vs.1) Sand Digger (vs.1)
MB 17 (D) AMX Pro-Stocker MB 27 (A) Mercedes 230 SL
AMX Pro-Stocker Mercedes 230 SL
MB 06 (B) Mercedes 350SL Convertible MB 56 (C) Mercedes 450 SEL
Mercedes 350SL Convertible Mercedes 450 SEL
MB 35 (C) Pontiac (with T-Tops) MB 16 (B) Pontiac
Pontiac T-Tops Pontiac
MB 33 (E) Renault 11 MB 21 (C) Renault 5TL
Renault 11 Renault 5TL
MB 39 (C) Toyota Supra MB 07 (C) Volkswagen Golf
Toyota Supra Volkswagen Golf
MB 57 (E) Carmichael Commando MB 57 (E) Carmichael Commando (with sirens)
Carmichael Commando (vs.1) Carmichael Commando (with sirens) (vs.1)
MB 31 (C) Caravan MB 46 (F) Mission Helicopter
Caravan Mission Helicopter
MB 43 (C) Steam Loco * CY 4 Boat **
Steam Loco Boat
* The model is around 6" long and made from plastic and pressed steel.
** Part of CY-4 Kenworth Boat Transporter.

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